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and branding strategies for the contemporary vocal artist.

Jilla Webb is a renowned vocalist, recording artist and commercial music professor at Auburn University.

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I am passionate about helping aspiring artists become the next generation of great pop singers.

Singing and performing are about communicating and giving your audience an experience they will remember forever! Your personal brand and the way you communicate through song, performance, and body language all tell a story.

What story are you telling, and what story do you want to tell?

I help develop and strengthen each singers unique ability and help them gain self-confidence and poise through the joy of singing and performing.

Each session is designed for the individual. It’s all based on where you’re at and what YOU need that day!

I mentor each singer with realistic ways to apply real-world, proper vocal techniques, breathing and body posture foundations to the songs YOU love to sing.

I’ve designed a vocal studio where singers can be who they are, and I thoughtfully and compassionately help artists find their OWN unique voice and style.