This is me… #3

So in the music industry, you have to make your own path, and I am pretty much on target for the next phase of my life and career. There is no one-size fits all career and mine has taken me around the world.  I’m excited about designing and getting to work on the next chapter of my life.  I have taken the last two years off to really focus on my education, and now as I near graduation, I have to start switching gears and thinking more about what comes next for me.  I have purposefully cut my work and gigs in half over this time so that I could have study time and not kill myself physically.  I made the decision this year to put my health first, and that meant some adjustments to my schedule. However, now it’s time to start rehearsing the shows I want to mount in the next few years and start a production schedule for teaching products and podcasts.  I’m also going to start building some course work and really get into teaching more workshops and clinics at schools in my region.

In addition to all the work plans, I’m getting back into a more regular gym routine.  The music industry is still oriented toward beauty, and although I’m not 20 anymore, I still need to present myself in an interesting and appealing way.  For me, that includes being in shape.  More than anything, I want to be physically active and healthy because I want an excellent quality of life as I grow older.  I believe in prevention, and that living a healthy lifestyle will help me accomplish that goal!