Show Preparation: (Video attached to show more of the process)

I was hired for a show in July 2019, and I’m beginning my rehearsals for that show now.  Today is March 23, 2019.  Today is gathering all of my information.  I’ll probably run through my songs once today to get a feel for them, but the real work on that will begin for me once I have everything in one place.  I’ll go into more detail on that in the video.

Here’s a breakdown of what my session looked like today.

  • Find the lyrics to all the songs and create word docs.
  • Get all the backing tracks, so I have something to rehearse with besides the band. (because I only get one rehearsal the day before the show)
  • Start a new playlist in my iTunes so I can transfer everything to iPhone and iPad.
  • Add all my new songs to that playlist.
  • Run through songs once to see if there are any issues like key changes or a possible new song suggestion to the producer.
  • Add all songs to my iPad, so I’m not looking for my lyrics and practice tracks.

Next steps will be:

  • Rehearse songs with artists to learn the song.
  • Sing the songs without music to make sure I know the melodies.
  • When melodies and forms are secure, then I’ll begin singing the songs with karaoke backing tracks.

Once I have the songs down, and I get a song order from the producer of the show, I’ll start creating and working on my dialog as well as the songs.  I haven’t really started into thinking about wardrobe yet, but I know there are expecting at least one to two costume changes.

I’ll video more of my practice next week when I get into more of the singing so you can see what that is like.

Have fun practicing!