My Life Through Song ~

– featuring Jilla Webb
(Singer, Dreamer, Warrior)

Experience Jilla Webb up close and personal. The story of her life told through the songs that shaped and influenced her life and music through the decades. Share in the gritty and honest recounting of what it was like to be a female road musician that spans the decades from the early ’80s to today.

As the only girl in the band, tactical skills and plastic bed covers were a must for survival. As an endangered species of “girl-singer” that first left home when pay phones and postcards were the way to communicate, to someone who is still reinventing and evolving her talents, Jilla continues to share her experience and her stories from the road with fans around the world.

Sit back and enjoy this 75-minute show from world-renowned Nashville vocalist and tribute artist, that includes songs from the early years, to her impersonations of Patsy Cline and Stevie Nicks, some original songs and the songs she is recording now.

This is an endearing and candid look at the unusual and surprising life of a singer, a dreamer, and a warrior.

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