This is a collection of breathing exercises intended for daily use to help you improve breath capacity, control and management. Doing breath work daily is an important habit to develop for every singer because good breathing is the foundation of good singing.  Learning to develop and control the muscles around your diaphragm will help you learn to support your voice with your body and stop relying on and wearing out your throat. These exercises are designed to help you learn the correct way of breathing and supporting your voice. There are explanation tracks before every exercise track, so you can listen to the directions. If at any point you feel light headed or dizzy, please stop, shake out your arms, sit down if necessary and continue when you feel like you are back to normal. Don’t worry if you can’t complete an exercise, just keep working on it and you will get better each time your practice. Sometime with singing and breath work progress can seem slow and it may come in small steps; just be consistent with your work and you will begin to see the rewards.  In addition to daily vocalizing, daily breath work will support your efforts and help you develop a strong and healthy voice for life!