This is a collection of vocal warm-ups and exercises intended for daily use to help you improve range, control, flexibility and overall vocal strength. Doing vocal exercises daily is an important habit to develop for every singer because just like daily exercise for the body, daily vocalizing helps get and keep your vocal muscles in a peak performance state.  Learning to develop and properly use the singing muscles will help you get rid of those annoying bad habits that can make singing unpredictable and bad for you (and your audience).  Good vocal habits will help you develop consistency.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that when you open your mouth to sing something awesome will actually come out!  If you practice correctly, solid vocal technique will absolutely make that happen. These exercises are designed to help you learn the correct way of using the voice. There are explanation tracks before every exercise track, so you can listen to the directions. If the exercises go too high or too low, just drop out and pick back up where you can comfortably rejoin the exercise.  If you ever feel pain, please stop the exercise and get with a coach in your area (or me online if you can’t get to my studio) to help you work through this challenge so you don’t build bad habits and damage your instrument. If pain in your throat persists please find a reputable ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor that can medically make sure everything is okay.  Daily vocalizing will support your efforts and help you develop a strong and healthy voice!