Small Town Girl. World-Class Talent.

Jilla Webb is a Vocal Coach specializing in Pop Singing

The daughter of lead vocalist for the Harry James Orchestra, Jilla Webb grew up surrounded by the music and musicians from the Big Band era.  So, it’s no surprise that she is an extraordinary vocal artist, impersonator and master voice teacher.  An original talent, her expressive vocal style and versatility perfectly complement styles that range from jazz and blues to the vocal impressions and characters she portrays. With her Masters degree in Strategic Communication, Jilla not only focuses on “Personal Branding and Communication Skills” with her artists, but she takes her vast knowledge of stage performance and vocal technique and training into her vocal studio.  She is skillfully passing on her expert knowledge to the next generation of performers.

Jilla has performed at events, theaters and other venues from Singapore to Las Vegas, including the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Celebration in Hawaii, American Bandmasters Association, the Alabama Shakespeare Theater, the Davis Theater, Le Capitole Du Quebec, the American Music Theater, the Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards Show, and the Ryman Theater in Nashville. She has toured with the USO and other productions across the globe.

Some of her commercial credits include singing commercials for NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, and the WB. She was the vocal talent for the musical lead in to Regis and Kathy Lee, Candid Camera, Dharma and Greg, Hawaiian Air, Rosie O’Donnell, and Must See TV to name a few.

Still active in performing live shows and recording, Jilla recently released a compilation CD, which will feature many never heard before recordings of songs she has performed over the past 20 years,  Even a remastered track or two from her first original CD, “Balance.”  In addition you can find her CD featuring her Harry James Orchestra arrangements recorded with the Troy University Jazz Ensemble on iTunes.

In 2019 she will release her first solo project in a few years, featuring many of her favorite musicians from around the world.

For almost three decades, when she not touring Jilla teaches private voice lessons, conducts Master Classes and clinics worldwide, and serves as a voice and stage presence coach for a variety of artistic teams including Le Rev, currently staged at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She is currently writing and producing educational books, audio and video voice lessons that will be available on her website in 2019.

She has taken a couple of years off touring to complete her master’s degree in Strategic Communications and a teaching certification in the Alexander Technique.  She says, “At its core, I believe all entertainment is a communication-based endeavor.  The communication and entertainment industries have unmatched potential to connect with people on multiple levels just as great art and great literature. I understand that students need to learn how to express themselves fully to make a meaningful and authentic connection with their audience, and I am committed to their success.  This is the reason I have chosen to incorporate a formal communications degree with my lifetime of music industry experience. I want to effectively teach, demonstrate and inspire students to make to honest and genuine connections across all forms of creative expression, language and media.”

Look for much more, of everything, from Jilla in the months and years to come!