Where will your branding go in the future? Will Star Trek give us a hint of what our future really looks like.  It’s important to understand where the internet is headed if you want to try to understand the new technology and to stay ahead of the curve.  It like those that are still trying to push static one-way adds at consumers today, not realizing that people are engaging with products in a completely different way.  You don’t want to be left behind and not get your product or songs out there. Here a just a few things you might consider as our connectivity gets pushed farther and farther.

Linked data is still an infant, but it is going to grow up to be another fantastic explosion in our world. Imagine a world where everyone is inputting data and everything links together.  Maybe you as an artist have an interactive site where your fans can on to each gig entry and enter information about the venue, parking, merch, sound, and event employees.  Fans could go into your site and upload great food choices or drink choices.  They could add photos of them in your merch or talk about the best time to get to the venue.  They could add detail that might help other fans decide to attend the next time you play that venue.   It’s almost like having your own personal Yelp site, just for your gigs and your fans. Many new opportunities are headed our way that I’m sure we haven’t even thought of yet.

Imagine the day when you can log into googleearthconcerts.com and through Mirrorworld technology, be actually at the outdoor jazz festival in Italy or Montreal. Kevin Kelly writes, “The mirrorworld—a term first popularized by Yale computer scientist David Gelernter—will reflect not just what something looks like but its context, meaning, and function. We will interact with it, manipulate it, and experience it like we do the real world” (para 5). You could view the concert halfway across the world in real time right in your own living room in 3D as if you were right in the middle of the show.  Maybe you could even join the band on stage, and if you want to know what kind of amps or guitars they are using you can tap, and the information will come up on the make, model, price and where to buy it.  If you want to know who designed their set or costumes, or who their stage manager or producer is, just tap on something or someone and pull up all of the information.

What if you as an artist could use linked data to know about your fans in a more direct and meaningful way and in real time?  What if you knew about events in their lives or purchases they might be considering? Then think about if you allotted an hour every day to video a short message to your fans and send it to them directly to talk about that issue.  In an article for Wired Insider, they suggest “Messaging ups the stakes, bringing brands into the inner circle where you talk to your closest friends. Some have dubbed this “conversational commerce”—the practice of living up to consumers’ expectations of real-time communications” (para 4).  What if you not only could do real-time communications but could also do real issue communications with your fans?  It would be another step toward building social capital and employing emerging technology to really create relationships with your fans.

These are just a few things that are being developed and are beginning to take shape.  Maybe they will materialize and maybe they won’t, but the possibilities are endless.  The internet can offer us connectivity like we have never experienced before, but it will also require that we get a lot more comfortable with transparency.  In a world where everything is connected, transparency will be significant.  The meanings of privacy and transparency will most likely be getting an overhaul from Webster in the future.  This is a new world and keeping up to date with new technology and new ideas may spark some fantastic new ways to share your music and your lives with your fans. You are artists after all, and artists create.  This new world of linked data is a bunch of raw material just waiting for you to go create something!


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