This is me…

So here is my personal blog, it’s a behind the scenes look at my day to day because I get questions about what my unusual life is really like.  I’ll post about gigs, practice, food, workouts, etc… (maybe even my cats) You know, all the usual things I do.  I tend to post a lot of pictures and photos of gigs that look exciting, and they are, but in this blog, I’ll post the behind the scenes so you can get a look at all the stuff that happens before and after I hit the stage.  I hope you’ll find some of it entertaining, and if you have any questions about things I’m doing, please feel free to post your thoughts, and I’ll get back to you.

So here goes.

I’m trying to make some changes in the flow of my days because I’m not getting everything in on most days, and let’s face it, that bugs me.   By-the-way, I’m not suggesting anyone else implement any of my strategies here, just letting you know how my wacky world operates. Although I do enthusiastically advocate for healthy lifestyles and choices, I am not a physician and cannot give you medical or nutritional advice.  These are merely things that I enjoy in my life.

Here are some of the changes I’m going to make in this semester.

Strategy Changes

I’m usually an all-in kind of person, so when I start a project whether it’s practicing, doing homework, working out or cleaning my house, I like to go start to finish without stopping.  Also, I love spending hours practicing or working out because I really enjoy pushing my boundaries and limits.  However, that hasn’t been working out very well with my school schedule.  My homework takes what it takes, and it has to be done on a deadline.  Between my job at Troy, teaching and gigging, my schedule is all over the place from week to week. I’m reasonably good at time management, but my sleep schedule changes each week with different projects or gigs I have to do; consequently so does my free time.

So step #1.  More consistency with my workouts and practicing even if it is in smaller chunks.  At least I’ll be doing something, and that’s better than the nothing I’ve been doing lately.  I also do wear a Fitbit and try to get to my 10,000 steps each day.  I’m close today. 9,731 as I’m writing this.  I’ll do the rest before I call it a night.  I’ve also started stretching every night.  I do so much sitting!  Between the two hours a day of driving back and forth to Troy and all of the sitting I do while I’m researching and writing for school, I’m noticing that my muscles and joints are not as mobile as they used to be.  I also do some balance exercises because that’s another area that decreases with age.

Step #2.  Drink a protein shake and take my supplements every morning.  Have a more substantial lunch and a snack-like dinner. The shakes in the morning are quick to make and don’t create a lot of dishes for me to do, which saves me some time.  I’m a Vegan, so I use a vegan protein powder, kale, some mixed (frozen) berries, coconut mana, some seeds like flax or chia (whatever I have in the house) and blend. I mix it with a whole bottle of water, so I also get some water in with breakfast.

Step #3. I’m going to do my best to get to sleep earlier and get up 30-minutes earlier.  I’m actually a morning person, and I tend to get a lot of mental things done like studying or blogging in the morning when I have better brain focus.

Those are some small changes I’m making this semester to try and keep up my health and fitness while I’m on this crazy schedule!!