Vocal Training for Life

  • My students are a collection of talented singers, songwriter, and performers approaching different milestones on their journey.
  • In the lesson, the student and I collaborate on a customized voice program designed to their personal goals, taste, and aspirations; all the while, building healthy voice habits and voice care.
  • I believe classical technique and contemporary music are not mutually exclusive. I’ve developed a vocal program, rooted in classical technique, but cleverly adapted for the styling, runs and belting of the pop music genre.
  • As a student and teacher in training of the Alexander Technique, I also help my student to explore alternative ways to rid habitual patterns of tension that can block freedom of movement and vocalizing.  I help them to become aware and change body and thinking habits, and help to make singing more effortless and free.

Prices:  All lessons are via Zoom.

(All lessons and packages must be paid in advance of the lesson.  A 24 hour notice for cancelation is required.)

$80.00 per one-hour single lesson

$75.00 for four one-hour lessons. $300.00

$70.00 for one 12 week semester of one hour lessons. $840.00