Treat your vocal students to a game changing vocal experience by hosting a vocal workshop featuring reknowned vocal artist and coach,
Jilla Webb.

Vocal Workshops are custom designed and crafted for vocalists aspiring to perform in the popular music genre or the ‘theatre’.

Class sizes are limited to ten (10) students to make ‘extra sure’ everyone gets a generous amount of personal attention and critique.

Price per clinic per client: $100.00

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I specialize in working with university and high school students and have developed a series of seminars adapted specifically to the needs of aspiring students with an interest in mastering techniques that will successfully serve them in the popular music industry and theater.

Each seminar is fully customizable, historically; I have found that students respond to a creative, interactive approach that addresses body, breathing and vocal techniques, the importance of individual style and stage presence and performance art.

Singing is communication and has unmatched potential to move people just as great art and great literature, and students need to be taught how to do that exceptionally well.

Pick a workshop that fits your students journey

Master Class with Jilla Webb

Making Great Singing Easier!

Beginner Vocal Essentials

Intermediate Vocal Essentials

Advanced Vocal Essentials

Professional Vocal Essentials

Clinics for the beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional levels are for singers who seriously want to develop their talent and take their career to the next level.

Three-hour intensive clinics are limited to 8 clients.

Keeping class size small ensures that we address each of your needs, voices, songs, and issues. We will be working with the songs you want to sing.

Everyone should have at least one song prepared, memorized and provide your own track or accompanist for your song. Accompanists are responsible for providing their own instruments.

Get ready to learn how to...

  • Breathe Naturally

  • Have correct posture to ensure you get the most out of your singing

  • Reduce unnecessary throat and body tension

  • Safe Belting Techniques and finding your Electric Voice

  • Increase your Vocal Endurance, Flexibility, and Range

  • Convey real, authentic emotion through conversational singing

  • Connect through voice, movement and performance with your audience

  • Find your “IT” factor. Learn to be your BEST self on stage!

Ms. Webb has been training vocalist through private lessons, Skype sessions, clinics and workshops around the world since 1991.

She coaches all levels from beginner to professional. Each singer participating in the clinic will learn by watching Ms. Webb work one on one with clients, giving them techniques and pointers that will change their performances IMMEDIATELY!

Every singer will walk away with information they can use, and techniques that will make BIG changes right away.

Schedule Breakdown:

  • Hour 1: Breathing, Body Posture, and Vocal exercises

  • Hour 2 -2 1/2: Individual Song Performance and Critique

  • Last 30 minutes: Q & A- Singers Questions Answered!

Afternoon and Evening Clinics Available:

Afternoon: 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Evening: 5:00 to 8:00 pm