If you think you don’t matter… think again! YOU MATTER!

As an entertainer, you get to touch the lives of countless thousands of people throughout your life. It is an honor and a privilege to bring joy and connection to humanity.  Music can bring people together, but in today’s world, live music events are more necessary than ever.  This is why it is so essential for singers and musicians to learn to do more than sing and play.  You must learn how to communicate with your audience effectively.  You can make genuine and authentic connections with people and make a real and positive impact in their world.  But, you must learn to do more than sing and play, you must learn how to perform and communicate to make a real and lasting connection with your audience.

I teach a class called the History of Rock n Roll.  One of the assignments I gave to my students was to get out and go see a live concert and do a review.  I was shocked at how surprised they were that they enjoyed it so much.  So I asked them to answer this question.

Is it important for your generation to go see live music yes or no, and why?

The most significant response, without a doubt, from the classes was that they are so used to staying home alone, on devices that they feel isolated and that going to a concert made them feel connected to life again, and not alone anymore. Here are some of the other fantastic reasons they thought going to see live music events was a good idea for their generation.

  • It makes you feel better. I wasn’t in a good mood before the show and felt happy when I left.
  • Understand the artist and music more
  • Meet other fans
  • A sense of connection and community
  • An understanding of where their music came from
  • And understanding of history through music
  • Experiencing the energy of the crowd and the loud music
  • Gets you out of the house where you sit alone with your technology
  • Get to hear and experience a new version of the song, not just the record version
  • It’s fun
  • You can watch something online, but in person you can see and feel the real emotions
  • It lets you experience the world instead of staring at screens all the time
  • Gives you a place to interact with real people. There’s more to life than technology
  • It makes us feel like we are together instead of being isolated
  • It supports the artist
  • Gets you involved socially, which is a big deal in todays world.
  • So we won’t lose what it actually feels like to be alive
  • Because the singer is able to reach into your emotions in a much more real way when it’s lives
  • Listening through the phone or radio doesn’t compare to the feeling I got when the singer sang in front of me
  • Because people feel the music together and that can be an awesome experience
  • It helps us connect with an older generation
  • We need something that is not mainstream every now and then
  • You can feel what music meant to people before streaming music
  • Live music would show us how much it means to people and maybe it would mean more to us
  • You can feel a connection with the artists and crowd and the songs have more meaning
  • It allows us to make memories
  • It allows you to feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself
  • Meet people and learn new things
  • Listening to the music is one thing, but seeing the power these artists have is another
  • Hearing natural sounds and vocals is a lot more pleasing than recordings
  • Because music brings people together who all enjoy and share their time together
  • Because it allows you to be in the moment
  • It brings people together to laugh, talk, and enjoy one another
  • It could show you how your parents and relatives felt in their younger lives
  • “I feel like we don’t even know what we like and don’t like because we feel like we have to like whatever is popular. If we go to live music it shows us the music from a different perspective and would show more people what they are missing and that it is okay to be different and like other things.”
  • “There is a special kind of together-ness which most people in my generation don’t get. That unity makes you feel different, appreciated, and like there are others who love and enjoy the same things you do.”
  • “My generation has truly lost touch with reality. We are the most disconnected people I know and at times I even feel lost in their world. Music plays a big part in my life – it’s what keeps me going even on a cloudy day. When I attended the concert I felt like I was in another world apart from my generation and it felt normal. Connecting with people and building memories at events like these are what we were meant to do. It’s what makes us human.”

You, performers, can reach out and change the lives of millions of people.  That is an honorable way to spend YOUR life. YOU MATTER, but you must be willing to overcome your own insecurities and learn how to honestly and authentically connect with humanity.

Are you up for the challenge?